WPLA Automatic Shatter Fans Series

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WPLA automatic shatter fan series are super slim ventilating fans. They are designed mainly as silent, decorative, energy saving. They can easily be mounted into windows, ceilings or walls, making air discharge directly indoors and outdoors with short ducts. They are manufactured in high quality fully plastic material, and the usage of voltage is about 180-250V and the protection for overheating is about 230V-50Hz. The available size is Ø150mm and Ø200mm. Easy to clean and for the Maintenant. Designed to clean the air within 50°C. TECHNICAL DIMENSION
Type A B C D
WPL 15A 230 65 85 Ø176
WPL 20A 288 70 95 Ø238
Type WPL 15A WPL 20A
Volt 230 230
Hz 50 50
Watt 20 24
m3/h 260 480