About Us

The BONNICI family has established its routes in the village of Burmarrad where a large number of farmers earn their living.

In 1935, Emanuel Bonnici opened a carpentry shop at N0 40, Burmarrad Road,

Burmarrad manufactured wooden horse/cow-drawn plows and as time went by, he converted his shop into an Ironmongery Shop and a Petrol Station which is still operating today. 

After WW II, Francis Bonnici with new ideas joined Emanuel and the importation of farm machinery started in 1948.

They started importing from England stationery engines for deep well water pumps, portable pumping sets, MEADOWS industrial engines and generators, HOWARD rotary cultivators, and POPE sprinklers were imported from Australia, and from America was imported the OLIVIER crawler tractor.

In 1954, the Maltese farmers saw the first AGRIA diesel, rotary cultivator which was imported from Holland, because of WW II export restrictions.

In order to improve business, they have established BONNICI STORES LTD. which was registered as a Limited Liability Company in November of 1971. 

Today, BONNICI STORES LTD. is responsible for the importation, distribution, and after-sales service of various machinery for Agriculture, Construction, Industrial, and Marine.

The Company’s operations are Ironmongery shop and Petrol Station, a 3-floor showroom and office, and another 3-floor store consisting of workshop and parts store.

Today, the company is owned by Vincent, Joseph, David, and Godfrey Bonnici which are still following their father’s steps.

After more than 70 years in business, we are proud of the service given to our clients.