Rammer HCR70A

Introducing the Rammer HCR70A, a versatile compactor renowned for its exceptional performance in asphalt finishing, sand compaction, and sloping surface projects. 

Highlighted Features: 

  1. Enhanced Manoeuvrability: Equipped with a convenient holding handle and trolley, the Rammer HCR70A ensures effortless transportation and usability. 
  2. Efficient Cleaning Mechanism: Featuring a base plate with a self-cleaning function, this compactor streamlines operation for maximum productivity. 
  3. Innovative Engineering: The innovative design of the Rammer HCR70A facilitates the transfer of torque from the engine or electric motor to reciprocating motion through the crank gear, delivering consistent performance. 
  4. Compact yet powerful: Despite its compact size, this rammer packs a punch with its strong impact force, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks. 
  5. Versatile Applications: From confined areas to trench work, backfilling, and asphalt repairs, the Rammer HCR70A excels in a multitude of applications, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency. 

Experience the reliability and efficiency of the Rammer HCR70A, designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals in Malta and beyond.