Crusher PPSN55

Introducing the Crusher PPSN55, a versatile petrol hammer designed to tackle heavy-duty tasks in both concrete and asphalt applications, making it the ideal choice for projects in Malta and beyond. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Versatile Applications: The Crusher PPSN55 offers a wide range of applications, from breaking and demolition work in road construction to civil engineering projects. Unlike equipment reliant on compressed air or electricity, this petrol hammer provides flexibility and reliability across various job sites. 
  • Efficient Performance: With its heavy-duty design, the PPSN55 delivers exceptional power and performance, ensuring efficient operation even in the most demanding conditions. 
  • Multipurpose Use: In addition to breaking and demolition work, this petrol hammer excels in driving piles, tent pegs, earthing rods, and probes, offering unparalleled versatility for establishing ground contamination and other related tasks. 

Experience the reliability and efficiency of the Crusher PPSN55, the ultimate solution for heavy-duty applications in both concrete and asphalt projects.