Loncin LC40ZB21 1.5″ Water Pump

Introducing the Loncin LC40ZB21 1.5″ Water Pump – your dependable solution for all your water pumping needs in Malta and beyond. Crafted with precision engineering, this petrol-powered pump is designed for heavy-duty applications, making it ideal for irrigation, agriculture, construction, and industrial water supply. 

With its 1.5″ fittings (40mm) and a powerful 2.5 HP Loncin LC152F 4-stroke engine, this pump delivers reliable performance every time. The alloy pump housing ensures durability and longevity, while the impressive 190 L/min water flow rate ensures efficient water transfer.

Featuring a maximum lift head height of 20 meters and weighing just 14 kg (dry weight), this pump is easy to transport and manoeuvre on-site. Plus, it comes complete with fittings and a pickup filter for added convenience.

Experience the ease of use and reliability of the Loncin LC40ZB21 water pump. Whether you’re tackling irrigation tasks or industrial water supply projects, this pump is sure to meet your needs with ease.