Loncin 2″ Chemical Pump

Introducing the LC50ZB23-3.1Q 2″ water pump, powered by the formidable G160F engine renowned for its reliability and efficiency. Perfectly suited for a myriad of tasks in Malta, this petrol water pump is your trusted companion for heavy-duty applications including irrigation, agriculture, construction, and industrial water supply. 

With a displacement of 163cc and innovative OHV technology, this pump ensures a smooth performance while minimizing emissions, making it environmentally friendly. Capable of delivering an impressive 30,000 litres per hour, it’s ideal for tasks like minor flooding and emptying swimming pools with ease. 

Crafted from durable materials, the pump body boasts a corrosion-resistant aluminium construction, while the impeller and exit chamber are forged from tough cast iron for longevity. To safeguard its robust engine and fuel tank, a sturdy steel bar is integrated for added protection. Plus, with an integrated safety system, you’re shielded from potential damage caused by low engine oil levels. 

Featuring Loncin’s renowned easy-to-start OHV G160F engine, a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium alloy pump body, and a frame-type robust pump support, this water pump is designed for convenience and durability. With a maximum pump lift of 23m and a maximum suction of 6m, it’s engineered to tackle even the most demanding pumping tasks with ease. 

Experience the reliability and performance of the LC50ZB23-3.1Q 2″ water pump and ensure efficient water transfer for all your agricultural, construction, and industrial needs. 

Model  G160F 
Displacement  163 cc 
Bore×Stroke  68mm×45mm (2.68″×1.77″) 
Compression ratio  8.5:1 
Net power  3.6 kW/3600rpm 
Rated speed  3600r/min 
Oil capacity  0.6 L (0.16gal) 
Fuel tank capacity  3.6 L (0.95gal) 
Pump type  Centrifugal, self-priming 
Dia. of discharge port  50 mm (2 ″) 
Dia. of suction port  50mm (2 ″) 
Max suction  6 m (20ft) 
Max lift  23m (75ft) 
Max delivery volume  30 m3/hr (132gal/min) 
Dimension  550×430×390 (21.7″×16.9″×15.4″) 
Net weight  25 Kg (55lb)