DS 31

Explore the robust Diesse agriculture tiller in Malta, designed to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease. Featuring a recoil start mechanism, a dry conical clutch, and a single-speed gearbox with gears immersed in an oil bath, this tiller ensures seamless operation and exceptional durability. 

Powered by reputable petrol engines such as the HONDA GCVx 170, LONCIN V 160, RATO RV 150, and RATO RV225, this tiller ensures reliable performance for all your farming endeavors. 

With Diesse, expect nothing short of excellence in every agricultural task. 


Key Features: 

  • Adjustable driving handle for personalized comfort during operation. 
  • Equipped with an accident prevention safety device for added security. 
  • It boasts a 6-element cutter supplemented by discs, covering a width of 72 cm for efficient performance. 
  • Offers a versatile working width ranging from 50 to 75 cm, catering to various agricultural needs. 
  • Weighing approximately 40 kg, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and sturdiness.