Sicma Hoeing and Rotary Tillers

Hoeing and Rotary Tillers

SICMA’s tillers are designed mainly as high adaptability to all types of landscapes from the hardest, driest and stony to the softest, wettest sandiest and to all types of work, so that they can be adapted to any type of tractor. The quality and perfection of Scima product is identified by there construction component which will provide a long lasting machines, which does not give any problems.

Details of the quality of production in which they are used in hardest, driest and stony to the softest, wettest and sandiest and all other sort of work is as follows:

  • hoes forged from high-strength boron steel
  • high rigidity 3-point linkage
  • rotor with high thickness tube and anti-breakage stiffening counterflanges
  •  internal construction, made of heat-treated steel
  • lateral transmission equipped with high quality bearings which provide overtime permanence
  • height-adjustable high-resistance steel slides
  • double boxed sheet metal frame
  •  crossbar tube reinforcing the body


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