Experience unparalleled reliability and exceptional performance with the Pasbo G94 agriculture tiller in Malta. Engineered to deliver robustness and impeccable balance, the G94 is a testament to Pasbo’s commitment to quality. 

Certified as an original Pasbo product, the G94 agriculture tiller is your ultimate solution for heavy-duty farming tasks

Key Features: 

  • Equipped with 3 gears and 1 reverse gear for enhanced maneuverability and versatility. 
  • Powered by Diesel and Petrol engines of up to 12 HP, enabling intensive and continuous usage across various terrains. 
  • Designed for great speed and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in all working conditions. 
  • Transmission features gears immersed in oil bath for smooth operation and prolonged durability. 
  • Clutch options include multidisc dry or conical systems in oil bath, providing reliable engagement. 
  • The cutter configuration includes a 6×4 setup with a diameter of 360 mm, equipped with discs for efficient cutting.