FPM 512

The unparalleled efficiency of FMP 512 motor hoes for your agricultural needs in Malta. These motor homes are engineered to perfection, catering to a wide range of applications, including agriculture tillering and narrow hoe requirements. Under license, Agria FPM 512 is ideal for gardening, greenhouses, fruit growing, viticulture, gardening, and the upkeep of grassy areas and parks. The FMP 512 motor hoes stand out as the ultimate solution.

Crafted with precision and powered by robust German technology, these motor hoes guarantee reliability and superior performance. The incorporation of a drive wheel ensures effortless maneuverability, facilitating precise operation even in the most challenging environments. Engineered for durability and designed to withstand intensive usage, these professional-grade machines deliver unparalleled results.


Key Advantages: 

  • Trusted and proven German engineering for unmatched reliability. 
  • Enhanced precision and ease of operation are facilitated by the drive wheel. 
  • Built to last, ensuring longevity and efficiency even under rigorous conditions. 

Technical specifications:


Type  FPM 512 
Engine  SH 265-Kohler 
Engine type  Single-cylinder, four-stroke, fan-air-cooled 
Fuel  Gasoline 
Power output  4.9 kW (6.5 hp) / 3600 rpm (SH 265-Kohler) 
Start  Manual 
Clutch coupling  Multiple clutch discs in oil 
Gearbox  Two-speed mechanical gearbox 
  Wheel and rotary tiller PTO via special chains 
Gear ratios  I: 2.7 
  II: 4.8 
Gear and rotor RPM  I: 196 
ratios  II: 350 
Handlebars  Height and sides are adjustable 
Wheel  Tyre size: 3.00 x 4″ 
Safety system  “Engine-stop” lever on handlebar 
Additional equipment (option)  Ridger 
Working width  32-50 cm or 50-65 cm (adjustable) 
Maximum working depth  15 cm 
Stable rotary tiller (optional)  20 cm 
Weight  51 kg