DS 14

Discover the robust Diesse agriculture tiller in Malta, engineered to tackle heavy-duty tasks with ease. Featuring options for recoil or self-recoil starting, an oil bath conical clutch, and a 3-speed gearbox with an additional reverse gear, this tiller ensures smooth operation and durability. 

Powered by reliable diesel engines such as the LONCIN D 440 FC, LONCIN D 440 FC with Electric starter, battery, and control key, VULCAN V 420, and VULCAN V 420 with Electric starter, battery, and control key, expect unmatched performance and durability with Diesse. 

Experience unmatched efficiency and durability with Diesse, your partner in heavy-duty agricultural tasks

Key Features: 

  • Equipped with two power take-offs, including one synchronized for enhanced versatility. 
  • Adjustable steering handle for personalized comfort during operation. 
  • Includes an accident prevention safety device for added security. 
  • It boasts a 6-element plus-disc setup covering a width of 115 cm for efficient performance. 
  • It comes with a friction kit as standard. 

With working widths ranging from 80 to 140 cm, and weighing approximately 145 kg, this tiller is designed to meet the demands of agricultural tasks.